TrueTech Automotive   6900 NE Hwy 99 Ste A Vancouver,WA98665   (360) 571-2302
TrueTech Automotive
6900 NE Hwy 99 Ste A
VancouverWA 98665
 (360) 571-2302

Reviews Of TrueTech Automotive

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Apr 30, 2018

I needed a new light bulb for one of the headlights on our Corolla. I was just in for an oil change, and the folks at True-Tech noticed the problem themselves (I was going to replace it myself). They told me they had replaced the bulb, and at no charge to me. That was a blessing, and one that I really appreciated!

4 My PALz
Apr 30, 2018

Family owned and operated. They have integrity. Always professional and easy to deal with. Never suggest or recommend work that isn't necessary. Priced fair and very reasonable. Conveniently located with plenty of operating hours to choose from. I take all of my vehicles there and recommend Mike to everyone I know!

Funny Russians
Jun 13, 2018

Andy bulanadi
Jun 05, 2018

The trchnician who works on my car , hes nice and xplain thhings clearly

Jun 01, 2018

Mike & his crew at True Tech are without a doubt the best that I've ever dealt with. They have gone way beyond all expectations to keep my car on the road. I have never experienced such dedication from any other repair shop, ever. Mike, Heather & the staff have literally enabled me to keep my job because without a car I cannot work. I can't thank them enough. They deserve WAY beyond a 5 Star Rating.

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